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About Realtime POS

Realtime POS, Inc. is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and specializes in real-time point-of-sale solutions. These solutions are similar to traditional point-of-sale solutions except where their infrastructure is stored. Instead of keeping everything on-site, Realtime POS maintains their own managed services data center. Clients use this service to avoid updates, SQL replication and data replication. Their singular focus makes them experts in this growing space. Companies trust Realtime POS to provide effective retail management software to businesses of every size. Small clients can request “small biz” cloud hosting for their applications. International organizations benefit from larger real-time inventory management solutions. Each solution is catered to the client, ensuring affordable solutions for every customer.

The real-time POS software helps retailers evolve with the industry. Gone are the days when customers had to wait in line at cash registers. Nowadays, retailers automate many parts of the process. Use the retail POS software to track sales data, strategically order inventory and maintain appropriate inventory levels depending on the season. The vast amounts of data that these real-time POS services collect help clients cater offers based on customer needs. The service expands to track store operations, too. Clients manage more than simple orders. They track employee commissions and commission splits, as well.

Clients trust Realtime POS to provide reliable retail management solutions that connect several back-office processes in a single, easy-to-navigate platform.

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