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About Real Home Finders

NOCON Solutions, based in India, is a premier technology services provider, developing a host of solutions for various businesses, including Real Estate.

Real Home Finders is NOCON’s software solution for property management. With a built-in CRM system, Real Home Finders providers an online portal for selling and renting out properties. When a lead inquires about a property on your customized webpage, its automatically routed to the appropriate agent, resolving the traditional owner-agent communication problems. Potential renters can also inquire about a property via SMS, using NOCON’s ‘TEXT-IN’ feature that captures SMS inquiries within the CRM, allowing agents to respond. Also, the system allows agent-owner, agent-renter, and owner-renter conversations to take place anonymously, thanks to a built-in click-to-call feature that allows communication via VoIP without sharing any personal contact information. 

We recommend NOCON’s Real Home Finders to any real estate agent, agency, or property management organization looking for a custom-built alternative to systems like AirBnb, one that allows them to capture all the revenue their properties bring in, without paying a third-party. It’s also a good solution for owners of multiple properties who are looking for an online solution that they or their property manager can use to manage their properties. 

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