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About RationalPlan

Stand By Soft, founded in 1997, is a software company devoted to helping small- to mid-sized companies with project planning and management. It is currently a privately held company with fewer than ten employees. Although the company headquarters is located in Romania, business is conducted worldwide, collaborating with an impressive list of organizations such as Cisco, Black & Decker, Sony, and Toyota. St

RationalPlan is a project management software with numerous features including task, project, resource, portfolio, and client management modules. Issues with tasks, resources, or project schedules are automatically brought to the users’ attention and users are given the chance to rectify the problem immediately. Projects can also be monitored from start to finish in terms of schedule and costs. The software seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Project and Excel. This web-based access offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface and works in real-time to update changes as they occur. There are three RationalPlan packages available, depending on the number of users: Single, Multi, and Server. Each of these packages are available on the website or via the Cloud, and they’re compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. The company offers a free trial of RationalPlan for prospective clients who wish to try before they buy, and a 30-day money back guarantee for customers that, for any reason, are not satisfied with the product.

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