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About ProfitKey Rapid Response Manufacturing

ProfitKey International is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions provider. In business for over 35 years, ProfitKey focuses on developing, distributing and supporting the most competitive products with the widest array of features in the world. To do this, ProfitKey sets its sights on its clients’ success. The company understands that the more successful its clients are, the better business is for everyone. It is because of this focus on client satisfaction that ProfitKey, through their Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) ERP, has become a leader in manufacturing ERP software solutions, developing a reputation for delivering high quality ERP systems. ProfitKey’s reliable support staff, rapid installation and comprehensive solutions make the company a no-nonsense business partner for clients of every size.

ProfitKey’s manufacturing execution system software does not end with production; as a full ERP, it includes everything from labor data to inventory control. The utility of the Rapid Response Manufacturing ERP software extends beyond the engineering team. Users may process data entry, track shipments, send invoices, generate materials histories for orders, and perform a multitude of other essential functions. In addition to being a full-featured ERP, Rapid Response Manufacturing ERP software also functions as materials requirements planning software. Because comprehensive¬†utility is a major focus at ProfitKey International, it should come as no surprise that the RRM ERP software contains so many features.

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