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About Rapid Insight

Rapid Insight Inc. works to provide tools for predictive modeling and analysis that can be performed by users of any skill level. Rapid Insight has three main products: Rapid Insight Analytics, Rapid Insight Veera, and Rapid Insight QuickStart.

Rapid Insight Analytics is a predictive modeling software for quickly building and exploring data models for deeper insight. The models help you forecast your data and take action on the the conclusions.

Veera takes the place of a data warehouse. The software can extract, transform, and analyze data directly from your various data sources. Sources include databases, text documents, Excel spreadsheets, or Hadoop systems, among others. Veera compiles reports for export in PDF, Excel formats, or input back into the source databases. The software also supports dashboard features and integration with Tableau data visualization software.

QuickStart for Banner uses predictive modeling templates designed to address the student relationship life cycle, particularly enrollment management and student retention.

The Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau used Rapid Insights tools to access data stored in a difficult to use database. The solution accessed the data allowed them to produce weekly reports with far less effort than previously required.

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