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About QuoteChef

QuoteChef is an interactive web platform to help create and share price estimation forms. It aims to remove bartering associated with cost estimation and inspire more confidence in your pricing process.

QuoteChef is designed to help the average business in the service industry save time and increase efficiency, with regards to cost estimation. By deploying a single, standardized tool that can accurately calculate the total price for services based on the customer’s input, QuoteChef eliminates costly mistakes of miscommunication and creates an environment where every customer is assured that they are being charged fairly.

How does QuoteChef work? You log in, create forms, and share them with your clients via email or a widget on your site. Each time a customer (new or repeat) wants to order your service, they simply open your QuoteChef price estimation form, specify what it is that they need exactly, and get the bill right away. Your form works intelligently and can redirect prospects to your payments page. This makes QuoteChef an excellent tool to manage all facets of price calculation.

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