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QuotaFactory is a leading prospect relationship management (PRM) platform and outsourced sales development organization. Founded in 2014, QuotaFactory is a privately-held company based just outside Boston, Massachusetts. 

The QuotaFactory software solution helps sales development professionals track and execute all sales prospecting activities, and increase efficiency and performance with a single platform solution  — with an average 30–50 percent increase in fully qualified leads. To do this, QuotaFactory reviews each prospect, combining a successful account-based sales prospecting strategy with data fulfillment and management, automated dialing, and competitive intelligence. The sales development dialer automates the most difficult part of prospecting: the validation and qualification of your target accounts. The autodialer will serve live calls with the right people, at the right accounts, in the right context for your representatives to have relevant sales conversations. Furthermore, QuotaFactory includes gamification elements to increase employee engagement and encourage 100 percent platform adoption. 

With years of sales development experience, the founders of QuotaFactory designed the platform to use their most successful, phone-centric prospecting strategies, giving customers access to the best tactics and automation necessary to increase sales. The QuotaFactory system directly impacts the number of fully qualified leads generated by your sales development team, thus directly influencing your net new revenue. Users benefit from a more organized, streamlined account-based sales development process, aiding in the sales/marketing alignment of your organization and establishing a company-wide, seamless revenue generation model that will change the way your new business relationships are formed and managed. 

We recommend QuotaFactory to any organization with an inside sales team that is interested in adding a business development / sales development representative qualification element, but especially those organizations looking for a scalable solution the whole team can use. 

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