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About QuizGame

QuizGame is a gamified quizzing tool where players voluntarily engage with training material. It was designed based on two theories: forgetting curve and flow theory.

The forgetting curve hypothesis suggests that information gained is gradually lost over time unless there is an attempt to retain it. In order to keep the memory (information) alive for a longer period of time, short brain exercises must be performed by actively recalling information. QuizGame combines the forgetting curve with flow theory to attain voluntary participation and help players retain/reinforce previously learned knowledge.

QuizGame has more than 10 different set of challenges and four game modes in total. These game modes include Duels, Quarantine, Challenges, and Party Time.

Aside from the game itself, the players can see personal and comparative analytics of their group in the game through their own profile. These analytics measure productivity and verify the necessity of trainings. The admin panel has the authority to control game inputs and analyze user-based and subject-based success rates. 

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