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About QuestNS

Quest National Services, LLC, shortened to QuestNS, is a software company that was founded in 2007 with the simple mission of providing easier-to-use solutions for medical practices.  Based in Orlando, FL, the company provides a robust electronic medical records (EMR) solution for medical practices and offices of all sizes.

QuestNS EMR provides users with various functionality to help increase the efficiency of their practice.  Features such as templates, e-prescribing, dictation, doc management, coding, alerts, patient history management, appointment scheduling and more are all available through QuestNS’s EMR solution.  With the e-prescribing module, doctors are able to write prescriptions and have them sent off to the patient’s pharmacy of choice as soon as the appointment is over.  The system will flag potential drug and allergy interactions to minimize patient risk.  In addition, the system provides coding support during appointments to aid users in selecting the correct codes for procedures and billable activities.

During appointments and exams, QuestNS provides a robust feature set for ease-of-use.  Hundreds of templates are available, with the option to customize the templates to a practitioner’s specific needs.  Voice recognition, dictation, handwriting recognition, gives doctors several options for note taking during appointments.  And once notes and documents have been saved, they are all stored in one, central location within the system for easier access later.  Complete medical records and notes of past appointments and procedures are available to office staff and doctors, providing them the most information when making decisions.  The EMR solution for QuestNS provides a range of options for easing office workflows, and works with practices of all sizes.  The solution is mobile compatible, and supports the use of tablet devices.  In addition, QuestNS EMR is ICD-10 ready, HIPAA compliant, and Meaningful Use Stage 1 certified.

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