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QrveyProduct Overview

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Qrvey product overview

Qrvey is a 3-in-1 business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that allows SaaS providers to easily embed next-generation analytics and automation capabilities into their products. It is a unified analytics platform that can replace multiple legacy systems, reducing cost and complexity while greatly enhancing functionality and scalability to meet today’s modern data needs. Qrvey seamlessly combines data collection, transformation, analysis, visualization, automation, and activation features into a single solution. It also leverages the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) services, making them accessible to all users.

This 100-percent cloud-native and serverless solution is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), but it deploys into your existing AWS account. You have full control over your data, infrastructure, and security. It harnesses the power of over two dozen AWS microservices, creating an on-demand analytics solution that can efficiently scale. As a result, infrastructure costs can be much lower than traditional, server-based BI software.

Qrvey was built for embedded use cases. It offers the features, pricing, licensing, and support options software companies need to quickly deploy analytics in a fraction of the time and cost of building in-house analytics or deploying legacy analytics solutions. Everything inside of Qrvey can be embedded, including the complete builder experience. The platform comes with a robust API and prebuilt widgets that makes embedding easy for developers to deploy and iterate quickly.

Pros of Qrvey

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  • Serverless architecture: Qrvey’s serverless architecture can replace legacy servers and data warehouses with a single solution that’s streamlined for today’s data and analytics needs. Its infrastructure costs can be significantly lower than traditional server-based software analytics solutions.
  • Embedded analytics mindset: At Qrvey, embedded analytics are more than just a product feature set, they’re an entire mindset. Qrvey’s pricing, licensing, and support were all designed to meet the needs of SaaS providers.

Cons of Qrvey

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  • AWS-centric: While Qrvey can be used in multi-cloud environments, it is not ideal for those who are not currently using AWS or are not familiar with AWS cloud deployments.
  • All-in-one solution: Individuals and teams who are only looking for simple data visualization tools may find Qrvey’s all-in-one platform to be more than what they need.

Breakdown of core features

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Data collection and transformation

Qrvey connects to all your data, including semi and unstructured sources like NoSQL, files, emails, audio, video, social media, IoT, and third-party systems. It includes Data Router, a built-in data transformation service that automates the process of preparing and transforming data for analysis, so you won’t need a third party ETL tool. Qrvey also includes forms, surveys, and quizzes to enhance and augment data for a complete data picture.

Analytics and visualization

Qrvey includes a full suite of analysis and visualization tools like charts, reports, metrics, and dashboards that can be built without coding. Features like sorting, filtering, bucketing, and drill-downs are a few clicks away. These visuals can be built even by novice users using the Page Builder and Report Builder tools, both of which can be embedded into other applications.

Data automation and activation

Qrvey brings a unique automation layer to the business intelligence space. Qrvey’s rules engine combines analytics and insights with its automation engine that activates your data. Automation allows Qrvey to send alerts and notifications the moment new data is received or when user-defined metrics and KPIs are met. As such, alerts, notifications, data writebacks, and webhooks become available to third-party systems.

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Quick Facts

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  • Rules engine
  • Built-in web forms, surveys, and quizzes
  • Charts, reports, and dashboards for embedding and self-service
  • Workflow automation
  • Accepts all types of data: structured, semi-structured, unstructured
  • AI/ML-enhanced data profiling and forecasting


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS Redshift
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • CSV files

Pricing Model

  • Startup
  • SMB
  • Enterprise


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