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About Qmerce

Qmerce was founded in 2011 and focuses on creating customer communities for branding with emphasis on sales, customer loyalty, and new user engagement. This gaming platform provides a social community where customers can compete and keep up with the latest company news. Through competition, clients get coins and bonuses and then visit the online store to redeem their coins for prizes.

Qmerce offers an online engagement channel that is the main social community base for customers. This software offers social plug-ins that encourage customer engagement and loyalty and increases sales. Qmerce’s engagement channel also offers a channel feed that provides live updates and notifications regarding all of the social media activities including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The gameplay application allows customers to go on missions in order to earn more points and coins. They can keep track of where they are in the competition by accessing the leader-board to find out the rankings. Once a site visitor has earned enough points and coins, they can go to the online store to purchase featured products, gifts, coupons and discounts. Qmerce is unlike any other gamification provider in that it offers a dedicated online community that unifies all social media activities and brings them into one convenient location.

Crocs, a leading shoe manufacturer, recently partnered with Qmerce. Crocs was looking for a new way to communicate and engage with their customers, specifically those located in Israel. Using Qmerce software, they were able to launch a new game every week with a new prize for their ‘Crocs Israel’ fan page. Because of this campaign, fans began spending much more time on the webpage, and, according to Crocs’ testimonial on Qmerce’s homepage, helped the company build a following in Israel that they deemed satisfactory.

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