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QliqSOFTProduct Overview

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QliqSOFT product overview

QliqSOFT provides a collaboration platform built for the clinical communication and patient engagement needs of healthcare organizations. It is a modular, scalable platform that addresses the communication needs of the healthcare industry through secure texting and AI-driven chatbot technology on-demand telehealth solutions.

QliqSOFT engages patients and connects care teams through interactive digital conversations. It delivers HIPAA-compliant, reliable, and real-time communication between doctors, nurses, caregivers, and patients. By using secure texting on smartphones and tablets to communicate patient information in a HIPAA-compliant messaging manner, healthcare practices and hospitals can stay safe from digital intervention.

The platform offers simple solutions for complex operational needs. Numerous healthcare organizations rely on QliqSOFT to achieve secure, patient-centric collaboration with other care team members across organizational boundaries. QliqSOFT products can be used alone or together, and all can be integrated into existing systems.

Pros of QliqSOFT

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  • QliqSOFT automatically documents every step of the patient care journey with e-signature and image capture.
  • It facilitates safe and effective communication between care team members, patients, and caregivers.
  • The platform is expertly designed around the most common use cases in healthcare. Details and workflows can be customized to meet the organization’s needs.

Cons of QliqSOFT

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  • According to some users, the software can be difficult to set up, and its settings are hard to modify and sync.

Breakdown of core features

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Secure texting

QliqSOFT provides a HIPAA-compliant secure texting feature that is accessible from any device and anywhere. It drives care collaboration through HIPAA, HITECH, and Joint Commission compliant encrypted messaging. It facilitates real-time clinical communication between diverse care team locations and specialties to improve patient outcomes and safety. QliqSOFT decreases miscommunication and errors and offers free directory integration.

Healthcare chatbot

The platform has a lightweight chatbot framework named Quincy. It enables organizations to deliver enterprise-grade conversational experiences and automate routine processes. QliqSOFT provides an intuitive chatbot design studio with no previous experience required. It has pre-built or customizable templates accommodating any need. With Quincy, capturing patient-provided data and sharing care information is automated and secure.

Virtual visits

QliqSOFT’s Virtual Visit solution uses live video sharing between providers and patients to support meaningful telemedicine. The platform utilizes EHR integration, conversational AI, and translation services to deliver patient care online.

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  • HIPAA Secure Texting
  • Patient Records
  • Physician Scheduling


  • Salesforce
  • RightFax
  • CareSignal
  • Cloudbreak
  • Blockit
  • Isabel
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