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About Push It Workflow Management

Push It Workflow Management is a CRM solution where you can collaborate and share contacts, tasks, files, emails, notes or pictures with co-workers or business partners. Some features include:

  • Contact Rules: Management establishes lead follow up protocols in minutes, hours, days or weeks. If a salesperson fails to follow up, the software can move it to another group or back to the manager which helps to eliminate oversight.
  • Distribute or Redistribute leads based on criteria including demographic and location (skilled based routing). The software uses artificial intelligence to determine which salespeople are most likely to close a deal and can distribute or redistribute to them automatically.
  • Collaboration: Real-time notification of status, notes and file changes both inside and outside your company.

Push It works with both IOS Android and features a clear and simple user interface. Customer workflows, excluding forms, can be created in less than 2 hours.

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