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About Pug Pharm

Pug Pharm is a global gamification, customer retention and activation tech leader that began operations in 2008. Operating from Canada, the US, and Mexico, Pug Pharm offers its services to businesses both large and small, focusing on full engagement with the solutions it provides. The company currently supports a fully customizable business solution named Picnic.

Pug Pharm’s gamification-based customer retention and engagement system, Picnic, provides numerous benefits to businesses that adopt it as their solution. Picnic provides a full-service and holistic approach to implementing a gamification strategy for any business. Fully scalable, robust, and less expensive than many traditional marketing strategies, Picnic utilizes social and gameplay features to bring enhanced mobile and desktop customer engagement, loyalty, and involvement with a brand or business. Picnic has the capability to implement virtual item economies, gifting, Facebook and Twitter integration, and an item scarcity system. Additionally, Picnic has enhanced customization to include mini games and activities, leaderboards, achievements, and a point/score system for users. Picnic has full integration with Facebook and even offers friends lists and messaging services to customers.

Last year, Pug Pharm teamed with Bitzio, a company focused on monetizing customer behavior analytics and mobile media to improve conversions in apps. Bitzio relied on Picnic to bring a full-service gamification platform that synchronized and linked the experiences customers had across apps. This has enabled Bitzio to create numerous apps that fit under one gamified umbrella of their brand. Furthermore, Picnic has given Bitzio a new source of data to take into account in their customer analytics.

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