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About Publitrac

Publitrac is a Canadian online marketing software company that serves professional industries including law, insurance, healthcare, technology, and hospitality, among others. Publitrac is affiliated with Publipage, one of the largest and must trusted online and print media organizations in North America. Headquartered in Montreal, Publitrac offers solutions for both English and French audiences.

Publitrac’s online marketing software boasts impressive lead generation, lead management, email automation, and performance reporting. Aside from exceeding industry standards, Publitrac specializes in handling multi-channel campaigns for major enterprises. Publitrac goes beyond inbound marketing tools and helps businesses link online marketing with real-life applications. For instance, Publitrac provides the tools necessary to plan, market, and manage a promotional event. Simplified event management, customer loyalty programs, customer referral programs, and automated cross-sell and upsell initiatives distinguish Publitrac from its competitors. Real-time, in-depth performance reporting tools allow organizations to track the status of each campaign and tweak strategies on an ad hoc basis.

Circuit Ford Lincoln Dealer in Montreal is recognized for its outstanding customer service, quality of business, and impressive sales volume. Circuit Ford Lincoln needed to streamline its sales process to eliminate wasted time and money. By using  Publitrac’s services, Circuit Lincoln Ford verified the validity of customer prospects, organized email reminders, analyzed leads, and overhauled their internal workflow. With Publitrac, Circuit Lincoln Ford keeps its lead management centralized and no longer has to manually manage leads.


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