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About Askesis PsychConsult

Askesis Development Group designs its software from an involved understanding of the clinical industry, particularly of behavioral health, addiction treatment, and social services. Decades of experience result in the understanding of the need to combine clinical and revenue functionality into the same system.

PsychConsult Provider by Askesis covers many of the EMR and management needs of a behavioral health clinic. PsychConsult features call center management, scheduling, treatment planning, and billing capabilities. It also serves as an EMR with clinical documentation and chart viewing tools. The EMR tools are sufficient to meet the requirements of Meaningful  Use Stage 1 with proper operation. Askesis is willing to partner with you to work towards meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use with PsychConsult.

Another Askesis product, PsychConsult ePrescribe comes complete with a drug reference library, electronic prescription transitions, and automatic checks on dosages, adverse reactions, and duplicate therapy. PsychConsult EDI Connect is the component of PsychConsult Provider responsible for integration with other medical software systems. It can communicate with other systems via a variety of methods and can transfer hundreds of messages per second.

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