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About Prokuria

Prokuria is a procurement automation platform that enables procurement departments and top management to organize all their RFPs, RFQ’s, and e-Auctions with suppliers in one place. It allows better control over the procurement process. Prokuria enables users to launch requests quickly.  The request system offers five clear structured steps for each request made:

  1.  General information.
  2.  Suppliers invited to participate.
  3.  Ability to add pictures, diagrams, excel files or other information to the supplier documents.
  4. Listing to define goods and services in the RFP.
  5. A customizable questionnaire for information gathering that allows free-text, single choice, or multiple-choice questions and also allows for attachment of files when receiving answers.

These steps ensure there is less confusion, mistakes, and delays from suppliers.

 Prokuria enables keeping track of interested suppliers by following every step suppliers make, from who opened or declined the RFP, to who submitted their response and answered the questionnaire. The information is displayed in a comprehensive dashboard. Suppliers receive an invitation email with a link to a private webpage with centralized information, allowing them to reply immediately. The dashboard then allows for head to head comparison of responses and review and analysis of all steps of the process. The system allows for multiple languages and real-time chat with suppliers. Additionally, Prokuria offers flexibility in customizing requests, whether RFP,  RFQ, or reverse auction, to ensure all relevant information is included.

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