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About Projektron BCS

Based in Germany, Projektron is the developer of the Projektron BCS project management software.  From its inception, Projektron has sought to provide a system of web-based project management software that is platform-independent and can also be adapted to the specific needs of client companies and their projects. With clients such as Volkswagen, Projektron has demonstrated its ability to successfully develop project management solutions for very large organizations but it also serves small and mid-sized businesses as well.

Projektron BCS is a comprehensive project management software that integrates the many aspects of running a business into a single package. This includes customer relationship management (CRM) functions, simultaneous management of multiple projects, inventory management, quality control, and invoicing. Members can determine the extent of employee workloads such as project deployments, working hours, estimates of remaining efforts, baseline loads, flextime compensation and more. This allows managers to optimize their resources and plan projects accordingly. The standard Projektron BCS application is designed for use by mid-sized and large corporations and includes components suited to international businesses with the option to operate in different languages and currencies. Committed to serving the needs of small clientele as well, Projektron BCS.start is a project management software edition designed for smaller companies with as few as 15 employees.

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