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About Project DocControl

Based in Tampa, Florida, Project DocControl was founded in 1994 and specializes solely in the creation, development, and implementation of its project and document management software. Staffed by a small team of architecture, engineering, and construction technology professionals, Project DocControl has hundreds of clients in the United States and Canada with an annual retention rate of more than 90 percent over the last five years.

Made by subcontractors for subcontractors, Project DocControl project document management software allows users to create, manage, and track documents across all sorts of projects in one easy-to-use application. Since project information is securely stored in one centralized database, the document tracking software enables users to maintain a clear audit trail for improved productivity, reduced expenses, reduced risk and potential associated legal costs, and a more professional company image. Project DocControl clients can track requests for information (RFIs), submissions, change orders, emails, correspondence, pay applications and more. An executive dashboard function gives managers a top-down, visual overview of risks and opportunities company-wide by providing graphs and charts with prioritized items or occurrences featured. A unique application by Project DocControl allows phone conversations to be tracked and summarized so important issues can be logged. An add-in for Microsoft Outlook enables seamless integration with your company email system. Customizable templates allow the standardization of documents across your organization.

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