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About Bizmatics PrognoCIS

Bizmatics provides software solutions and services to the healthcare industry. They develop PrognoCIS products, which includes PrognoCIS EMR as well as patient portal, patient health records, billing, and scheduling. Bizmatics serves many different specialties in the healthcare industry, including allergy, dermatology, cardiology, chiropractic, family practice, neurology, oncology, and many others.

PrognoCIS EMR is the electronic medical records (EMR) solution that Bizmatics provides. With PrognoCIS, physicians are able to both collect and store data on their patients with greater ease and heightened security. This intuitive system offers features such as voice and handwriting recognition as well as point-and-click capabilities for data entry. Retrieval of patient information through this system is incredibly fast through its enhanced search function. PrognoCIS also enables easier communication of patient health information not only within a medical practice, but also to outside medical facilities such as laboratories, pharmacies, and other physicians. Billing is also simpler and more efficient with PrognoCIS, which uses ICD codes and an integrated E&M coding system. PrognoCIS is cloud-based and compatible with multiple devices, from laptops and desktops to smartphones and tablets.

PrognoCIS is widely used by urgent care clinics. The American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM) has formed a partnership with Bizmatics, recognizing PrognoCIS as a top solution for the EMR needs of urgent care providers. Urgent care facilities across the country are taking on an increasing number of patients as they are becoming much more accessible and affordable than hospital emergency rooms. With PrognoCIS, urgent care facilities can streamline their operations and ensure a higher quality of patient care even as their workload increases.

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