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About Profitbase

Profitbase, a Pennsylvania, USA company founded in 2000, provides business intelligence tools, data warehouses, and budgeting/forecasting solutions solutions to more than 160 retail, shipping, oil & gas, healthcare, and manufacturing companies around the world. Profitbase is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that includes a Proof of Concept (POC) stage in every project, enabling the customer to test the software in their environment before the sale is finalized. 

The Profitbase Suite is a business intelligence and performance management/monitoring solution comprised of the following components:

Data Warehouse: Profitbase’s data warehouse is built on Microsoft SQL Server and augmented with OLAP cube technology. Processes such as, Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), and database action scheduling are done in the data warehouse. Additionally, Profitbase Studio, a development application builder is available for those that prefer to build their own.

Dashboards & Reports: Profitbase provides clear and intuitive dashboards and reports for authorized users who need a quick snapshot of key information along with the ability to drill into the underlying detail through a web browser at any time. KPIs are the vital signs of the health of a business and with Profitbase, managers have transparency into that critical information so they can act or react quickly.


*Commercial Business Modules: Pre-defined metrics that enable businesses to track financials, sales, purchasing, A/R & A/P, etc.

*Retail-specific Business Modules: Pre-defined metrics, dashboards, and reports that enable retailers to track sales, inventory, payments, items, overall store performance, as well as basket analysis and much more.

Connectors: Profitbase has pre-defined data source connectors to many popular enterprise resource planning (ERP), point-of-sale (POS), traffic, and time tracking systems to accelerate deployment and reduce risk.

WebPlan Budgeting & Forecasting:  WebPlan by Profitbase is integrated with the Profitbase Suite for rapid deployment and administration of budgets, with automatic consolidation, automatic calculations, roll-ups, and more.

With Profitbase you get the attention and responsiveness of a small company with technology that’s been tested, purchased and is in use at large companies. The inclusion of a POC in every project removes most of the risk from the critically important selection of a vendor and a system.

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