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About Viewpoint ProContractor

With a 35-year history of excellence, Viewpoint, formerly known as Maxwell Systems, is focused on developing innovative software solutions specific to the construction industry, especially their ProContractor, formerly known as ProContractorMX, construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution. Viewpoint’s sole focus is improving all areas of the construction business. Their construction management software products are designed to allow construction businesses to gain end-to-end control of every aspect of their operations. Viewpoint invests heavily in research and development, designing right-fit software solutions that can be customized for each client. From the first estimate to project completion, Viewpoint’s construction management software solutions help business owners maximize efficiency and profitability. With a variety of specialized ERP software solutions, Viewpoint offers a business software solution for every facet of the construction industry.

Viewpoint’s ProContractor construction ERP software is an all-in-one construction software solution. Flexible, powerful, and versatile, ProContractor covers estimating, project management, and accounting in one scalable ERP. It can be hosted on the client’s server or in the cloud, offering mobility and easy remote access. This software solution allows the client to bid more jobs quickly, and with greater confidence and accuracy. Enhanced data control allows for real-time decision making and smoother, more efficient communications. Viewpoint’s training and consulting services ensure that clients make a smooth transition, with uninterrupted workflows. Implementing Viewpoint’ ProContractor construction ERP software can help any construction company maximize its resources and increase profitability.

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