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Small Sized Businesses

About Primus Business VoIP

Primus Telecom helps small and medium sized businesses with business VoIP solutions.

What sets Primus apart today is the same thing it has focused on since the company was founded: customer service. When a company needs help with their business communication services, specifically VoIP access, Primus keeps it simple. They maintain a strong reputation as a business VoIP provider because they always focus on the client. Whether the need is data transport services or a simple phone setup for the front office, Primus Telecom is a great fit for small and medium sized businesses.When a growing business is ready to consolidate their telephone systems, add services and lower costs, they come to Primus for business VoIP solutions. Every company is different, so every solution is customized. For some businesses, the online conferencing abilities are vital. Other clients require data transport and connectivity to succeed. Users keep long distance, local and internet services on a single invoice. They stay in touch with the attentive support staff and rely on fast communication. Data transport services are customized, like everything else, to suit the customer. Speeds range from 256 Kbps to 45 Mbps. The Primus Network Operations Center monitors the Global Network all day, every day, to ensure availability. Build a business phone service that fits. With Primus, clients know that they have the support of a world-class telecom company.

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