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Praxis EMRProduct Overview

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Praxis EMR product overview

Praxis is a template-free EMR that provides a unique solution to electronic charting through artificial intelligence (AI). The software’s AI engine self-learns and gets smarter and faster as the user charts in free text. Its technology empowers medical professionals to practice medicine their way, creating patient notes in their own words.

Using Praxis improves the clinic’s bottom line, making providers increase profit while helping alleviate professional stress and physician burnout. The EHR’s AI engine automates the practice. It boosts productivity, efficiency, and usability. In addition, it enables practitioners to chart in seconds, in their own words, rather than clicking on tedious templates.

Praxis streamlines MACRA, MIPS, PQRS, APMs, MU, and all Quality Payment Programs.

Pros of Praxis EMR

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  • Its template-free documentation protects physicians against malpractice. It records the thinking process and refines logic with each patient, preventing claims that the users practice ‘cookie-cutter’ medicine.
  • Its automation feature eliminates medical errors and improves medical documentation.

Cons of Praxis EMR

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  • According to users, the software has a steep learning curve.

Breakdown of core features

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Knowledge Exchanger

The Praxis Knowledge Exchanger™ allows users to utilize the knowledge of their colleagues and share knowledge with their peers. Practitioners can choose what medical knowledge they want to incorporate and import knowledge in their specialty for a rapid start-up.


The software’s Datum+™ functionality simplifies reporting. Instead of adding vague text to templates, the software embeds discrete data in the text. Users can seamlessly create, store, and share any clinical parameter. This satisfies MACRA and Physician Quality Reporting (PQRI), Meaningful Use, P4P, and evidence-based medicine initiatives.

Practice advisories

Praxis’s Practice Advisories give just-in-time medical advice, decision support, and entire treatment protocols at the point of care. Physicians can also create and modify Practice Advisories on the fly.


Praxis Agents are smart messengers that communicate for practitioners. Agents learn progressively from users. They automate timely reminders and events and engage patients with secure email and portals. Furthermore, this feature knows exactly when they need to activate themselves and who in the clinic they need to reach. Practitioners can also use Agents to remind staff to call a patient and schedule a repeat MRI.

Users need to set up Agents only once. The next time the doctor sees a patient with a similar condition, the Agent will be right there, within the chart, ready to perform the same task for that new patient as well. The provider can easily modify any Agent, and then that new Agent will be instantly available the next time it is needed.

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  • Praxis Agents
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Knowledge Exchanger
  • Query
  • Collaboration
  • Concept Processing
  • Charting
  • Orders
  • Data Export
  • Template-Free Documentation
  • Automating Reporting
  • Intelligent Advisories
  • Portal
  • Scheduler
  • Payments


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