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About PracticeAdmin

PracticeAdmin is a cloud practice management and medical billing software designed for use by any medical practice, and with tailored solutions for a wide range of specialties.  Founded in 1999, PracticeAdmin focuses on creating solutions that are cost effective, and support more efficient practice management for small and large practices alike.

The PracticeAdmin suite of products offers a robust practice management solution that includes billing, scheduling, reporting, and insurance claims management.  With the platforms scheduling tool, patient appointments can be easily scheduled and edited.  the system can generate automatic notifications to be sent to patients to reduce the number of no-shows.  Office staff are able to view the calendar by date or patient, and can easily add patient documentation into the system through each appointment tab.  With PracticeAdmin’s billing features, patient bills can be generated as soon as an appointment concludes, reducing the time necessary to bill and receive payment from patients.  Full reports can be created in regards to finances, patients, procedures, claims, and other office activities.  These reports can be used to track the effectiveness of different components within the practice, and can be used to compare multiple different office locations.  PracticeAdmin provides a well-rounded solution for practice management and billing.

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