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PowerprojectProduct Overview

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Powerproject product overview

Powerproject (formerly Asta Powerproject) is project management software solutions for construction. The product suite offers easy-to-use functionality with powerful feature-rich capability, enabling companies to manage the entire lifecycle of a project. Manage multiple projects seamlessly across your portfolio with Powerproject Enterprise. The multi-user Powerproject Enterprise dashboard gives companies complete visibility over activities in real-time. Each user has access to the information specifically relevant to them in the way that suits them best. Combine a scheduling tool and a 3D model into one with Powerproject BIM, an optional BIM module for Powerproject. Link the tasks in your project plan with 3D model components for comprehensive 4D planning. Record project progress on your mobile device with Powerproject Site Progress Mobile, a free, downloadable app. Update progress at any time from anywhere in the world. Manage your project’s cost control progress and stay updated every step of the way with Site Progress Mobile.  Powerproject also provides project management implementations for both large and small companies, as well as consulting services for integrations with ERP, Financial Accounting, Reporting & BI, Composite Platforms, and other project management applications including Oracle Primavera and Powerproject.

Pros of Powerproject

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Powerproject is designed to support the way construction planners work. It is fully scalable for projects of all sizes. Users can generate presentation quality output with simple printing options. Powerproject enables users to display repeated tasks on one row for easy and concise viewing. Companies can utilize the extensive resource management options including histograms and line of balance graphs to ensure that resources are available to support the project plan and to easily balance resources across the project. Users can utilize Powerproject’s “Multiple Progess Periods” to protect against litigation for delays.

Cons of Powerproject

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Some of the point and click scheduling can be very difficult if you have a complex schedule.

Breakdown of core features

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Powerproject BIM

Powerproject BIM is an integrated module for Powerproject that enables you to easily link the tasks in your project plan with 3D model components for 4D planning in one application. It is ideal for tendering and progress monitoring. Identify problems that may not be visible via traditional schedules and run scenarios to assess feasibility of execution and find the best solutions. See the impact in the 3D view as you update the Gantt chart  and study how the build process will appear at different project stages.

Site Progress Mobile

Site Progress Mobile is a free, downloadable app for Android, Apple (iOS) or Windows Phone that enables mobile users to record the progress of tasks and repetitive events from a remote location against their work as scheduled in an Powerproject project plan. It can also be accessed via the web.

Each user sees only the relevant tasks and progress checklists for which they have responsibility. The app is free to install, with the use of the service charged according to the number of active jobs exported to the secure cloud storage area.

Dashboard Reporting

Produce accurate, professional-looking dashboard reports on the core business metrics required by the senior managers within your organization without having to collate the data manually. Receive early warning of any delays or issues in meeting deadlines and see complete visibility over the status of all your projects, resources and costs. Combine Powerproject generated data with third-party data sources

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