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About poweredMD

Based in Los Angeles, California, poweredMD is a medical practice management software company that makes an eponymous practice management system (PMS), poweredMD.

The team at poweredMD has an average of 30 years of experience in healthcare technology; the robust functionality and high satisfaction rate among poweredMD users is evidence that in health IT, experience matters. Hundreds of modifications and additions to the software have been made based on user feedback, which, in the words of poweredMD, “form[s] a tight-knit team that pulls together insight, knowledge and wisdom from each other to produce leading healthcare software solutions.”

Practice management with poweredMD boosts clinical efficiency since the software was designed with the provider in mind; there are as few clicks as possible for every common task. Dashboards let you keep track of your day, week, month, or any measurable metric at a glance, and hundreds of reporting functions are built into the software to boost your insight into any aspect of your practice. You can drill down further into your data using poweredMD’s export ability; formats supported include Crystal, Excel, or .pdf formats.

Medical billing with poweredMD captures revenue leakage and automates most processes, speeding your revenue cycle. Claims can be remitted, funds can be transferred, and patient statements can be sent and paid all electronically. poweredMD can even manage the different contractually-negotiated reimbursement rates with insurance payers. Credit card processing is built into the software for self-pay patients, and all forms and regulations for billing Workers Comp or durable medical equipment are included.

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