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About Epicor POS

Founded in 1972 and based in Austin, Texas, Epicor develops business solutions including point of sale (POS) software, a retail management system, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. The company reached nearly $1 billion in revenue for 2013, coming in at over $960 million. The company’s mission is to drive client growth and profitability.

Epicor’s POS software, sold under the name brand Retail Store, is designed for retailers of all sizes. This POS system provides a single, common platform that is compatible with mobile devices and accessible by various channels. It also incorporates real time CRM functions and management of exchanges and returns.

Epicor also offers a mobile-compatible program called Mobile POS. Used by major American retailers including True Value and Ace Hardware, this product allows the actual point of sale to be located anywhere. Additionally, Epicor retail software can be purchased by clients in an end-to-end, software as a service (SaaS) package. Its features include management of audits and operations, planning and core financials. As a company, Epicor certifies its customer service and support personnel, each of whom has at least six years of experience working in these capacities for the company.

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