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POOL4TOOL is a provider of modular cloud-based business software, like its SCM Portal, with a focus on both supply chain management (SCM) tools and logistics management software. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, they maintain subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America. Their clients are well-known international firms such as: Alcan, Behr, Carl Zeiss, Miele, ThyssenKrupp and Modine. POOL4TOOL’s purchase order, inventory, and supply chain management software, SCM Portal, is EDI based. Its purchase order management functions keeps users from running out of stock and automatically confirms orders. Its WebEDI tool for dispatch notification provides order notification, notice of dispatched deliveries, direct label printing, elimination of manual editing, and replication of SAP packaging rules. POOL4TOOL offers a Kanban interface that allows clients to monitor inventory and consumption, compare SAP demand forecasts with consumption planning, print Kanban labels, and provides traffic light status alerts. This inventory management software provides integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with the information they need, whether in SAP, Infor, or another format. This supply chain optimization software helps support Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS) deliveries. Long-term supplier declarations can be a costly item when processed manually — suppliers send them in emails or faxes, and then someone has to convert and enter them into the ERP. POOL4TOOL’s solution is to provide an online portal so each supplier can collect data for each material online. Data is then transferred to the ERP system with no need for separate recording.

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