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About Pomegranate

Pomegranate provides brands with engaging customer experiences via mobile and web. Through its uniquely developed Emotional Ignition User Experience, Pomegranate is able to help businesses establish meaningful connections with customers. Businesses benefit from Pomegranate’s services as they enrich customer loyalty with the goal of long term customer retention.

Pomegranate’s depth of services helps the company differentiate itself from competitors. The company’s approach to customer engagement is rooted in both psychology and biology,  the goal being to better understand the user experience as it relates across industries and brands. Pomegranate’s focus on using data, analysis, and strategy in order to create an emotional and memorable customer experience is unique. The company’s services include audience and market insight, web development, usability testing, and mobile web optimization. Brands looking for an engagement solution backed by scientific principles and in-depth analysis value Pomegranate’s capabilities. By implementing Pomegranate’s services, brands are better able to stay connected with their customers emotionally and digitally, while inspiring brand loyalty and increasing brand awareness. Pomegranate’s method of evaluating the user experience combines function, emotion, and innovation to develop custom engagement solutions.

Lloyds TSB, one of the sponsors for the London 2012 Olympics, was searching for a way to boost customer engagement and extend their reach through their Olympic Torch Relay campaign. With Pomegranate, Lloyds TSB was able to keep fans engaged with a unique Torch Relay App. Fans were able to access the virtual torch from any smart phone, pass their torch to other smart phones, and track the progress of their torch. The Torch Relay App included rewarding features, such as leader board rankings and special achievements that encouraged user participation and increased brand awareness.

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