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About Polygon PolyPM

Polygon Software provides software solutions, including their PolyPM ERP software solution, for the¬†sewn-goods industry. Polygon Software made a name for itself in the apparel CAD industry and has been working with clients in the industry ever since. As their clients grew, so did Polygon Software. Now, they offer product data management (PDM), product lifecycle management (PLM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions for sewn-goods companies of every size. The company’s focus on the sewn-goods industry makes it an expert on what makes its clients successful. Whether clients need PDM, PLM or a full ERP suite, Polygon Software has the tools to help.

What makes Polygon Software’s PolyPM ERP software solution so effective is the ability to integrate information from every part of the business into a single location. Duplication can cause issues, so the ability to collect, identify, access and study information from a single plaftorm maximizes operational efficiency. Polygon’s business software solutions allow accurate and real-time responses from customers. This feedback ensures the accuracy of orders and the on-time distribution of invoices. In addition to order tracking, shipping, and invoicing, PolyPM enables users to analyze sales cycles and buying trends. This invaluable service helps businesses in the sewn-goods industry to maximize their revenue and, just as importantly, offer the kinds of products their clients are buying. Polygon Software’s PolyPM ERP provides the information businesses need to stay flexible.

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