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About Pluck

Pluck helps brands increase customer engagement and loyalty through an integrated community platform. Pluck is ideal for large enterprises that want to specifically reward active, brand-aligned customers. The Pluck platform contains numerous applications built on enterprise-level architecture, allowing brands to customize their engagement and loyalty campaigns.

Pluck’s platform appeals to large brands as it features gamification tools that accurately capture the customer experience while inspiring increased interaction. In addition to enhancing brand and product awareness, Pluck allows brands to differentiate average customers from those who are aligned with the brand. Brands can choose how they want to implement loyalty campaigns, including options to establish reward point systems, badges and leaderboards. Pluck’s services stand out as they provide businesses with the option to incorporate second-party awards to enhance the visibility of loyal and trustworthy customers. Additionally, brands fully control their platforms and are able to grant and revoke rewards, restrict user tiers, and give extra rewards for sharing and trackbacks. Large brands benefit from Pluck’s platform as it includes advanced tools aimed at inspiring customer interaction and loyalty while rewarding the most loyal customers with unique rewards. Brands are able to optimize loyalty campaigns to maximize conversions.

Pluck has been used by both national and global brands to increase customer engagement and loyalty. The Cleveland Cavaliers successfully used Pluck’s platform to create a leaderboard system that encourages friendly competition and transforms customers into brand ambassadors. With Pluck’s unique user tier restrictions and trust filters, the Cleveland Cavaliers brand was able identify and reward the most loyal customers while increasing brand awareness and scaling their website’s audience to over 30,000 fans.

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