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About Plex Systems

Plex stands at the forefront of ERP systems innovation. The company, located in Troy, Michigan, understands that the manufacturing business begins on the plant floor, and has since its inception in 2001. This understanding has been maintained as a priority in their software design ever since. Plex designs ERP software that tracks all the important processes on the plant floor and sends this information to the people who need it most. Their clients range from multinational manufacturing enterprises to small, independent suppliers. Each installation is scalable based on the needs of the individual client or enterprise.

It’s their ERP software, based in the cloud, that sets Plex apart. These systems gather information from every area of the plant floor, beyond the walls of any single manufacturing facility, and compile data from every important process. Then, specific information is distributed through the ERP system to all stakeholders: employees, vendors, and clients. Users can monitor the entire manufacturing process, from production to delivery, using Plex cloud ERP software because the technology supports an enormous amount of flexibility and integration capabilities. At Plex, every cloud ERP solution is designed with the ability to adapt to change; agility is vital to the modern manufacturing industry. With cloud ERP software from Plex, your software and operational inefficiencies will no longer cause your company to fall behind.

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