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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Consumer Brands, eCommerce, Education and Training, Healthcare
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About PlayGen

PlayGen offers gamification solutions for companies who are seeking to increase customer loyalty and engagement in a way that is brand-aligned. Although PlayGen offers additional services, the heart of their gamification programis a brainstorming toolkit called AddingPlay; it allows brands to create custom gamification solutions unique to their industry and business goals.

PlayGen appeals to brands in any industry looking for a custom engagement solution that is expertly aligned with their brand. PlayGen’s services are different because they allow brands to become game designers. Through AddingPlay, PlayGen helps brands brainstorm gamification solutions based on motivators, victory conditions, game mechanics, and social mechanics as they pertain to their specific target markets. This ensures brands create comprehensive loyalty and engagement solutions unique to their brand voice. PlayGen is a versatile gamification solution, as it can be used to reward loyal customers, conduct corporate training, or enhance almost any learning process. PlayGen is able to create everything from simple mobile applications to entire platforms that apply gamification techniques to motivate targeted behaviors. PlayGen’s custom solutions can be delivered via any device including Mac and Windows PCs, iPhone and Android, allowing maximum engagement potential.

PlayGen’s gamification solutions have been successfully implemented in a variety of industries. Leading global brands have increased customer engagement, revenue, and brand awareness through gamification solutions. As an example, MeTycoon, an online experience created by PlayGen, engages young adults in career exploration in a game-like environment. MeTycoon players are able to build skill points, unlock perks, monitor leaderboards and discover career goals interactively. Brands are able to use similar technology to enhance customer relationships, reward brand enthusiasts and drive cross-platform engagement.

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