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About Playbasis

Playbasis offers brands gamification technology designed to increase customer engagement and loyalty while simultaneously providing them with insights into customer behavior. They offer loyalty management solutions that provide real-time tracking and analytics tools. Playbasis’ platform is active in the Asian market and designed for use by both start-ups and established companies.

Playbasis appeals to brands that want to encourage customer interaction by providing loyalty rewards, recognition, and incentivizing social media engagement. The company’s gamification services are accessible on the web and can be integrated into several existing frameworks. With Playbasis’ platform, brands can set up custom game rules, establish reward systems, and view information regarding customer interaction and engagement. Playbasis’ gamification service offers brands insight into consumer behavior which can then be applied to future marketing, engagement, and loyalty campaigns. Uniquely, Playbasis features open-source software development kits that their clients can utilize to customize, modify, or improve the Playbasis platform. They also include automated features for brands that allow them to incentivize behavior based on real-time consumer interactions.

Playbasis’ platform helps businesses increase customer engagement and retention through a user friendly and insightful interface. Estimates suggest that 70% of leading global companies will be implementing gamification technology to engage and reward loyal customers in the coming years. Accenture, a management consulting and technology services firm, is one company that achieved positive results by using Playbasis. With the implementation of Playbasis’ platform, Accenture was able to successfully develop and launch a proven engagement strategy.

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