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A global company, Planisware provides project management software for companies working in the research and development industry. With 175 employees and more than 16 years in the business, it is clear why Planisware holds much of the market share in the product development niche. Its project planning software was designed specifically for companies in this market, so the project planning software design caters specifically to the needs of the industry. They have a robust client list that includes companies such as Airbus, Ford, Volvo, Deutsche Telekom, Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson, Renault, and Michelin.

At Planisware, project management software is designed to maximize productivity. Not limited to mere scheduling, Planisware’s PPM handles cost control, scenario planning, and portfolio building. This web-based application maximizes operational efficiency by ensuring scedules, resources, and costs are aligned automatically and minimizing the chance of over-scheduling people and resources. Predefined views make it easy to review changes, risks, and project opportunities as well as market trends. Companies can design their project schedules early, then update the software as plans change. When a team produces results ahead of schedule, the scenario planning tool allows clients to foresee any unexpected consequences. This is also a feature of the Planisware project collaboration software. Teams can communicate on projects in real-time, producing more effective strategies as new opportunities arise.

There is a reason why Planisware boasts a 99% customer retention rate. This project management software functions well for research and development companies because it was built by experts who know and understand the field.

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