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About Planbox

The Planbox agile project management tool was originally developed to help a Montreal tech incubator, called Bolidea, manage a start-up portfolio. It tried over 30 project management tools without finding a one that truly fit its needs. So, in 2009, it created The Planbox Agile Project Management tool. Planbox has a robust client list that includes the University of Michigan, Philips, Stanford University, The Salvation Army, Deutsche Telekom, and Starbucks.

Planbox platform breaks project management into four levels: Initiatives, Projects, Items (sometimes called Stories) and Tasks. Planbox Agile Project Management is easy to use that non-agile developers may not even realize they are using agile techniques. Backlog management is easy with time-boxed chunks. Also provided are tools that, as Planbox puts it, “sense the velocity” of each team, enabling teams to plan more efficiently by understanding how quickly each iterates. Planbox allows users to easily integrate customer feedback into your workflow and track project progress with burndown charts. Planbox also encourages drag-and-drop real-time collaboration with instant appearances of notes and comments on projects and allows the attachment of reference materials directly projects. Like any competent project management tool, Planbox makes it possible to set deadlines and time track with auto reminders. To-do lists are a must in any project management tool, and Planbox is no exception. The software makes it easy to stay current with activity reports in real time. Changes by colleagues appear instantly on your screen.

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