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About Pilgrim Consulting

Pilgrim Consulting is a custom software development firm based in Franklin, TN. They specialize in building great software that automates complex processes and simplifies the way organizations do business. While this can mean many different things for unique business processes — some of the more common ways they can help are through:

• Automating manual processes that can’t keep up

• Improving organizational workflow system integration

• Enabling timely access to information, aiding in business decision-making

• Increasing visibility, forecasting and improving customer and supplier relationships

Pilgrim helps businesses solve problems by asking — Why?

Understanding the essential need that must be addressed allows Pilgrim Consulting to offer business process automation and software development that takes your business to where you want it to be.

One area of focus for Pilgrim Consulting is Business Process Automation (BPA). Their BPA service consists of flexible solutions that enable you to simplify your business, empower your people and ultimately achieve greater results for the organization overall.

• Maximize efficiency throughout the organization

• Organize your workflow

• Safeguard critical business data and client information

• Improve sales and margins

Another area Pilgrim Consulting focuses on is Learning Management System (LMS) Gamification. Pilgrim is a developer of next­-generation learning management systems. Part of the allure of a “gamified” LMS is the way the software motivates and incentivizes the learner, as well as provides the administrator with content­-rich dashboards and tracking tools. Users can easily build their own courses and train employees with effective and fun programs.

Pilgrim also has extensive experience serving nonprofit organizations with custom relationship management systems; Pilgrim Consulting understands the unique challenges faced by nonprofits and can help these organizations improve donor retention, automate processes, and much more. 

Pilgrim’s technology expertise includes: Web Development, J2EE, EJB, .Net, COM+, Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Mobile, HTML5, Agile Software Development, Mobile Applications, iOS, Android, Unix, phone apps, custom software, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3

We recommend Pilgrim Consulting to any organization that can’t find an off-the-shelf system that meets their requirements, or any organization that would prefer the flexibility and capabilities offered by custom development. Not sure if Pilgrim Consulting is the right fit for your organization? Call, click, or email to discuss your options with one of our unbiased Technology Advisors. Our advice is always free. 

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