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About Cogendo PerformanceHub

Evaluate employees and keep track of their work progress with Cogendo’s performance review software: PerformanceHub. It is a complete HR information management system that includes tools for both performance and talent management. This HRIS software streamlines the performance review process and creates an atmosphere that promotes specific company goals.

With PerformanceHub, objectives are clearly defined and company information is readily available to all employees. Managers can utilize detailed reports compiled by the performance review software to identify employee excellence and challenges. Use the competency review feature to test employees for particular competencies at specific performance levels. Document disagreements between workers and keep a record of the actions taken afterward. Managers can provide feedback to their employees via PerformanceHub privately using the secure matrix management feature, and employees can likewise send feedback to their managers securely using the “for manager’s eye only” option.

This software has been implemented at a number of companies. Chris Matthews, who worked as the head of operations at eCommera, implemented PerformanceHub in a central London company with several hundred staff. The setup process and maintenance was simple. He also noticed how efficiently technical issues were addressed.Neil Bowers and Rob Wheatley founded Cogendo in 2010. The company is based in Marlow, UK. Cogendo provides cloud-based services to clients around the world.    

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