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Performance ProProduct Overview

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Performance Pro product overview

Performance Pro is a customizable performance management solution that supports talent retention and improved employee experience. The software includes various features such as skills alignment to positions and adjustable processes to facilitate continuous and ongoing feedback.

Performance Pro also provides employee development and career pathing, 360 and survey functionality for sourcing feedback at all levels internally and externally, and performance tracking for succession planning. Furthermore, it uses AI technology for creating SMART goals and optimizing manager communication with employees. Implementing the software is hands-on, consultative, and configurable to the specific needs of the organization.

Pros of Performance Pro

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  • It has a configurable design. It delivers numerous pre-built content and customizable templates that organizations can modify to their unique requirements.
  • Besides annual evaluation automation, it can automate more processes, including development plans, quarterly reviews, 90-day reviews, check-ins, performance improvement plans, and 360s.

Cons of Performance Pro

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  • The software is feature-rich, which can be overwhelming to someone looking for simple automation to start. However, Performance Pro is scalable. Users can turn off functions to suit the needs of an organization and turn them on as needed.

Breakdown of core features

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Content library

The solution’s Content Library includes libraries of competencies and goals. It has libraries for helping managers leave more meaningful feedback and artificial bots to give managers guidance on goal setting, coaching, and feedback best practices.

Skills mapping

Performance Pro aligns competencies specific to each position within the organization as a part of its implementation process.

Succession analytics

The software takes a deep dive into performance measures to analyze succession across four data points instead of two data points found in the typical 9-box. It provides data on overall weighted quantified performance, performance on competencies specific to the position, goal achievement performance, and quantified employee potential evaluation results.

Compensation salary administration

Performance Pro automates the process of performance-based merit increases, cost of living adjustments, and multi-criteria bonus allocation. Its automated bonus allocation takes the company, business unit, and/or individual contributor performance into account.

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  • Succession Planning Analytics
  • Development Plans
  • Career Plans
  • Compensation Salary Administration
  • Merit Increase Planning and Modeling
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