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About PerfectPost

PerfectPost, founded under the name Badgy, specializes in growing social media communities and increasing engagement with social media campaigns without the use of outbound advertising. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, PerfectPost  has garnered press from TechCrunch, The Verge, and Fast Company. PerfectPost  promises its clients that its services can help grow an audience, sell more products, and spread awareness of a business through wider distribution avenues.

The basic premise behind how PerfectPost  works for a business is as a social loyalty platform. PerfectPost  combines gamification principles such as badges, achievements, levels, and other aspects into how a company’s followers use and interact on social media sites. The above aspects of gamification can then be used in contests, competitions, and various other ways of generating engagement. Businesses can then choose to reward their social media fans for engagement and interaction with other users. This approach encourages and stimulates discussion of a business on social media (as well as brand loyalty) without investing heavily into traditional advertising and social media.

A Seattle software application company needed to increase awareness of its new music app that matches users to new artists based on their listening choices in other music programs. While this company was confident in their product, they knew a strong user community was essential to help the app gain ground in the market. After vetting several options, this Emerald City business decided to utilize PerfectPost ‘s social loyalty program to increase adoption of the product. Badgy designed a loyalty program that rewarded users with achievement titles and badges depending on how often they used the app to find new music. After several months, the Seattle company reported a significant increase in user adoption and organic sharing of PerfectPost  achievements online, both of which increased brand awareness of the music application.

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