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People-IProduct Overview

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People-I product overview

People-I is a Digital HR service enabler that encompasses virtually all aspects of HR management. Designed to be customizable and work with your current practices, every version of People-I is tailored to the customer’s needs. Manage HR, performance management, recruitment, reviews, and more from one easy-to-use platform, often with just the click of a button. People-I facilitates your HR procedures and workstreams in its easy-to-use interface.

Pros of People-I

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When a client subscribes to People-I, they are not subscribing to the software, they are actually acquiring the services of people, which will work with the client to tailor their own unique version of People-I based on their needs.

People-I provides a unique qualitative and performance management system, eliminating the notion of unfairness, favoritism from performance management, and appraisals by deploying a carefully crafted set of multiple choice questions enabling the evaluator as well as the employee to see through the transparency of the assessment.

Cons of People-I

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People-I does not offer integration with other programs or time tracking.

Breakdown of core features

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Performance management

People-I’s performance management system can omit biases, favoritism, and unfair judgements. Based on a specifically crafted set of multiple choice questions to asses and evaluate the performance of an employee, People-I provides efficient and transparent performance management for every party involved.

HR services

With People-I, quickly generate a request for applying for leave, or add a new type of leave for employees to choose. Employees, line managers, HR managers, and the business leader can apply for expenses and loans easily. People-I offers support from experienced professionals.


People-I generates an assortment of more than 30 interactive reports for its users to work with. These reports are distributed among all comprehensive portals used on the client end. People-I ensures each of the 5 modules comes with a set of comprehensive reports such as headcount, joiners/leavers, and statuary reports, along with a contribution report for compensation and benefits.

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