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About Pentaho

Pentaho is designed to help companies in any industry make data-driven decisions, with a seamlessly integrated, user-friendly platform for data integration and analytics. The platform includes Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), big data integration & analytics, enterprise and ad-hoc reporting, data mining and visualization, and predictive analytics, plus it can be embedded in third party applications. The visual interface means that users don’t need to interpret complex coded data, or write code, so users can easily analyze data without the support of IT or developers. 

Pentaho’s data integration functionality, adaptive big data layer, and open standards-based architecture makes it simple to find, manage, and combine data from any data source, including native support for analytic databases, Hadoop, and NoSQL. It empowers users to architect big data blends at the source and stream them directly for more complete and on-demand analytics.

Pentaho also offers interactive tools like an easy-to-use visual analysis and dashboards, as well as flexible reporting solutions.Predictive analytics include machine learning algorithms, tools for processing data, and the capability to import third-party models with PMML.  Data managers will like that it’s easy to profile data and ensure its quality through business rules, as well as the system’s ability to interface with many partners. Pentaho’s built-in visualization tools make it possible to represent data and insights in a way that can be easily communicated across teams.

Pentaho is also supports embedding or white labeling visual analytics as part of third-party SaaS/software applications or enterprise portals as it is data agnostic, easily rebranded, customizable, and based on open standards and architecture.

Pentaho is available for a free trial in three different formats; potential buyers have a chance to fully evaluate the capabilities of the system prior to making any commitments.

Pentaho has been successfully implemented by both established businesses and startups. For example, Lufthansa, a global aviation company, needed a big data solution that would allow core processes of Inter Airline Through Check In (IATCI) to be monitored in real-time. Lufthansa implemented Pentaho’s business analytics and data integration services to streamline the process of data collection and analysis while increasing agency-wide accessibility to the data. As a result of Pentaho’s platform, Lufthansa was able to aggregate and feed data to desired locations and monitor the transfer of passenger data between airlines in real time.


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