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pdfFillerProduct Overview

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pdfFiller product overview

pdfFiller is an all-in-one online document management platform that provides the services of an online editor, cloud storage platform, and a signature request manager in a single package. The software is part of the airSlate Business Cloud. It streamlines the document signing process and lets users create fillable forms to send out or host on a website without databases or coding.

The software allows users to share, store, search, electronically sign, and audit documents and forms. Organizations can use pdfFiller’s features to edit, annotate, and blackout PDFs just like in a Word document. In addition, businesses can manage document workflows from a single secure location with pdfFiller for Enterprise.

pdfFiller improves collaboration across departments and increases organization productivity. It delivers tools to empower businesses to refine document management, achieve paperless workflow, and free up time, energy, and resources for better investment in business operations.

Pros of pdfFiller

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  • The software employs enterprise-grade security and privacy standards to ensure multiple levels of protection for documents processing and storage.
  • It supports the creation of password-protected documents.

Cons of pdfFiller

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  • It has a steep learning curve for advanced features.

Breakdown of core features

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Users can share documents and folders with colleagues for review, editing, or approval with pdfFiller. Team members can exchange and discuss ideas using comments and annotations. They can also set up access permissions to prevent unwanted changes to any document.


With pdfFiller, companies can create legally-binding eSignatures. The software simplifies adding a legal signature to a document by capturing a handwritten signature with a webcam. Users can also sign documents on the go by drawing their signature on any mobile device. Smart signatures verified with the pdfFiller stamp allow users to know who signed and when. All signatures in the system are lawful under the E-Sign Act (2000).

Custom branding

Organizations can make documents and invitations recognizable by embedding company logos in their PDFs and signature requests to review or edit documents. Moreover, the software facilitates the customization of emails and communications with videos and unique messages to clients. It lets organizations maintain the distinctive style of company correspondence with custom watermarks.

Centralized access to team assets

pdfFiller enables users to access documents, forms, and templates from anywhere. It keeps files organized and secure in a shared folder inside the cloud.

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  • Collaboration
  • eSignature
  • Edit, fill, draw, print, save, or fax PDFs
  • Convert PDFs to editable word documents
  • Erase, highlight and rewrite PDFs
  • Access documents from anywhere
  • Highlight and annotate documents
  • Create reusable templates
  • Merge, rearrange, or add pages
  • Add basic fillable fields
  • Collect and export data
  • Advanced workflows
  • Centralized access to team assets
  • Custom branding


  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Zapier
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Salesforce
  • Confluence
  • Xero

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  • Premium


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