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PathmaticsProduct Overview

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Pathmatics product overview

Pathmatics provides a marketing intelligence platform that creates trust and transparency. It brings visibility into the digital advertising performance of brands, their competitors, and entire industries across display, social, video, mobile, native, and OTT advertising. It turns marketing data into actionable insights.

With this platform, brands and agencies get access to the creative used by all advertisers, spend and impression data, and paths from publisher to viewer. Pathmatics empowers businesses to minimize waste from their budgets, better position their marketing, and predict the next moves of their competitors. It delivers digital marketing intelligence to seize new opportunities and drive the next phase of business growth.

Pros of Pathmatics

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  • It gathers data quickly, leaving more time for analyzing results and collaborating with clients.
  • Users can utilize digital insights to pitch new business ideas and craft winning creative campaigns.

Cons of Pathmatics

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  • Some users commented that the software occasionally presents inaccurate and inconsistent data.

Breakdown of core features

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Brand strategies

Pathmatics gives insight into the competitors’ promotional offers, target markets, and positioning strategies, so businesses can better understand their digital advertising strategies. Brands can tune their creative, targeting, channel, and buying tactics to outperform competitors with data-driven media strategies.

Campaign insights

Marketing teams can gain information on competitor messaging, audience targeting, site targeting, spend, impressions, and flighting for every creative. Pathmatics allows users to meet campaign goals with eye-catching creatives and better calls to action (CTAs). Businesses can optimize placements, creative messaging, and CTAs, reallocate budgets, and audit partners ahead of the competition.

Trends and comparisons

Pathmatics lets businesses compare advertisers apples to apples and see historical impressions and seasonal spending habits. The software predicts competitors’ future buying patterns, so marketers can understand their buying seasonality and avoid or target their sites.

Report builder

The platform’s report builder enables users to customize the exact filters and metrics they want and export reports to CSV. Users can deliver data-driven reports to leadership with one-click exports of any insights within Explorer. They can also merge the raw data with other tools or data sets for aggregate analysis. Furthermore, businesses can use competitive intelligence analysis to build compelling cases to earn more budget and justify digital investments.

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