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About Panorama

Founded in 1993, Panorama is a  business intelligence (BI) software provider with over 1,600 global users. The company is regarded as a ‘Business Intelligence 3.0’ platform and offers solutions to a variety of businesses in the manufacturing, financial services, retail, media, telecommunications, and healthcare industries. Panorama’s analytical processing  technology (OLAP) allows users to generate reports that view data from numerous perspectives. In 1996, the company sold its OLAP technology to Microsoft Corporation. Since then, the technology has been  integrated into Microsoft’s SQL Server platform and the two companies remain close strategic partners.

Panorama  is a visual, suggestive, and collaborative solution that delivers analytics through a highly visual format. Panorama’s partnership with Microsoft allows users to experience seamless integration with familiar programs such as Microsoft Office or SharePoint. Through self-service data discovery, Panorama’s platform gathers an enterprise’s existing  information to generate data visualization that presents complex statistics clearly. Panorama’s infographics, dashboards, and report generation tools provide real time analysis, actionable intelligence, suggestive capabilities, and predictive analytics that dynamically reflect business changes and sift through data to unlock hidden patterns and insights.

Panorama helps businesses by using predictive analytics to interpret a company’s existing data and turn it into concrete information that can be used for swift decision making. In one case, a travel center company used Panorama to successfully increase their bottom line. Before Panorama, company managers spent hours reviewing paper reports in an attempt to identify sales and performance issues. Despite the time spent devoted to reviewing statistics, several issues remained undetected due to the volume of papers and inconsistent reports. The company needed to get exception-based analysis so problems could be quickly identified and taken care of in order to alter performance results. The company extended their existing technology  by using Panorama to publish and present their data. The company saw a 2% improvement in margins, which added $1.8 million to their bottom line. By using Panorama to simplify and streamline their data analysis, the company was able to identify sales and buying issues swiftly and take immediate action.

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