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About Outperform

Outperform Solutions BV provides high-quality sales, operations, and supply chain management (SCM) solutions to companies around the world. It has offices in the Netherlands and Boulder, Colorado, and it was founded in 2005. It is privately held and employs fewer than 10 people. Outperform designs software with a focus on simplicity, usability and performance.

If a company needs to improve their sales and operations planning, they should consider Outperform. Their line of supply chain management software provides companies with the means to anticipate demand, ensure adequate supply, and make decisions that lead to profitability. One of the main advantages of Outperform is that it provides transparency through the entire supply chain. Easily plan for the short term and long term by monitoring operations at every level. Insights from all employees are collected in one plan, which ensures their input is taken into account while making decisions. The result is a streamlined supply chain that is efficient and performs at a high level.

Several companies have benefited from Outperform’s sales and operations planning software, including Pearson VUE, a global leader in the testing business. They operate over 4,500 testing centers worldwide, some of which are owned by them and some are owned by a third party. Its Director noted that the company was able to better manage all planning processes, especially when changes in demand occur. They were able to recoup the cost of the software solution in approximately three months by making better capacity planning decisions.

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