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Cloud-based org chart solution for organizational design and planning
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OrganimiProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Organimi
  3. Cons of Organimi
  4. Breakdown of core features

Organimi product overview

Organimi is a cloud-based org chart solution for organizational design, people planning, onboarding, and sales and account management. It allows users to create, connect, and collaborate with colleagues wherever they work. Private and public sector organizations, from small businesses to global enterprises, use the tool to document and track their progressively growing team structures.

Organimi boosts productivity and efficiency across the organization. The software also helps with onboarding, getting a bird’s eye view of the organization, restructuring, and defining key prospects. It empowers users to import data and build charts in minutes with an auto-build feature. Users can fully format and brand charts and export, share, or print them.

Pros of Organimi

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  • The software keeps track of complex connections so users don’t have to. Its embed feature links one org chart to another and keeps tabs on every possible opportunity.
  • Hosted on Amazon AWS, it offers comprehensive data security and privacy solutions, including local market options for Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Cons of Organimi

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  • Some users encounter occasional lagging and slowness with the software.

Breakdown of core features

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Chart building

Users can import data using a CSV file, utilize Organimi’s direct integrations, or connect with an existing HR system to create an org chart in minutes. They can also build charts manually using the software’s drag-and-drop interface. Organimi allows users to connect with the person behind the title with its Photoboards and Directory feature. Photoboards can help with putting a face to the name. Directories can act as a shared employee database of contact information.


With Organimi, users can share org charts privately with select individuals or company-wide in one click. Additionally, they can give colleagues editing or viewing rights. Moreover, users can choose which fields they want to display and embed charts on a website.


Organimi’s SmartChart Legend feature lets users visualize information on their chart and attach conditions to custom fields. The SmartChart is an advanced labeling and color feature that simplifies identifying employees in a wide variety of situations. It enables users to label positions, people, and departments on their org charts. As a result, they can add more detail to the existing org chart and add depth in areas that are currently leading to some confusion within the organization.

Export and print options

Users can insert Origanimi charts into presentations and print a custom section or department of their chart. They can also export or print charts as PDF, PPTX, or PNG files. Organimi does the heavy lifting for users by automatically splitting charts into different pages.

(Last updated on 07/06/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

Quick Facts

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  • Manual and automated chart building
  • Multiple chart options
  • Chart branding customization
  • Share via link, email, or iframe embed
  • Printing and exporting options
  • User access, permissions management
  • SmartChart Legend
  • Organimi Connect Access
  • Regional hosting options
  • Interactive onboarding workshop
  • Backup Snapshot
  • Matrix Charts


  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Sharepoint
  • Salesforce
  • API integrations

Pricing Model

  • Basic
  • Premium


  • English