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About Oracle Eloqua

Eloqua is a marketing automation product from Oracle, whose focus is simplifying the complexity of IT through cloud-based software. By simplifying IT, Oracle aims to accelerate value and innovation for its clients. Oracle’s Eloqua is a marketing automation software-as-a-service company that is at the center of its marketing cloud.

Eloqua’s cloud-based automation software boasts simpler customer acquisition, smart reporting, custom website forms, powerful design tools, comprehensive dashboards, and smart campaign tracking. Eloqua helps companies focus on their target clients, which builds the foundation for a more efficient automated marketing campaign. Through targeting and segmentation, Eloqua simplifies campaign management while enabling sales processes that boost company revenues. Advanced lead management and marketing measurement help companies track the success of each of their automated campaigns and adjust their strategies as necessary. Eloqua includes tools that address current trends in social media and email marketing to generate buzz for higher awareness, ROI, integration, and engagement.

DocuSign lacked an effective structure that would keep its multiple campaigns organized. With Oracle Eloqua, DocuSign is now able to manage dozens of automated campaigns and still maintain the focus needed to nurture leads. DocuSign uses Eloqua’s scalable marketing automation architecture alongside its huge library of content assets. Thanks to Eloqua, DocuSign has doubled its pipeline quarter-over-quarter, surpassed its marketing initiatives, and appreciated improved lead generation with higher revenue results.

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