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About BioClinica Optimizer

BioClinica specializes in clinical supply chain management software like Optimizer. Founded in 1990 to help with bio-imaging technology, the company quickly gained success managing clinical trials. Their supply chain management software was developed in response to industry need. In 2013, they merged with CoreLab Partners, a leader in cardiac safety services. Now, the company develops clinical supply chain management software that serves more than 350 clients worldwide. Each of the top 20 biotech and pharmaceutical companies is listed as a BioClinica client.

BioClinica Optimizer helps reduce trial costs by minimizing waste. Clinical trial supply chain management is incredibly complex. Not only do clients need to think about schedules and materials, they need to coordinate worldwide logistics and trial designs. BioClinica Optimizer helps to predict these needs before they happen. It focuses on the delicate compounds that surround these trials, accounting for special dosing requirements and restrictions in its predictions. Clients can even run clinical trial simulations to determine supply chain issues. BioClinica Optimizer is the most trusted clinical supply chain management software in the world. Because it is trusted by so many leading pharmaceutical clients, the company maintains cutting-edge technology. Whether planning for a complex drug trial or partnering with a client that needs data management services, BioClinica has the power and resources to exceed expectations.

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